Valley Proteins
Creating Renewable Resources Built on Tradition

For three generations, Valley Proteins has been a leader in providing an invaluable service to global economies and the environment. Through our core competencies in the recovery, rendering and recycling of animal by-products, Valley Proteins sets the standard in creating renewable resources for the development of quality animal and pet feed ingredients.

Contributing to a Cleaner Environment

At Valley Proteins, our business is based on the collection and recycling of inedible animal by-products from the food industry that would otherwise lead to environmental contamination. We provide prompt disposal services to restaurants, supermarkets, abattoirs and poultry processing facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic, eastern and southwestern United States. Our clean and efficient conversion plants recycle these by-products (fat and bone trimmings; waste cooking oils; meat/poultry by-products) into high-energy feed fat and protein-rich meal products. These value-added ingredients provide the nutrients feed producers need to create superior animal feeds.

In addition to our focus on superior recovery services and advanced rendering technologies, Valley Proteins strives to have a positive impact on our surrounding communities by constantly monitoring and improving the environmental safeguards in our collection, transporting and processing techniques.

Clean Energy Solutions

Our strong commitment to a sustainable future continues to lead Valley Proteins in new directions, including the research and development of clean energy alternatives produced from recycled animal fats. Our bio-fuels have proven to be a reliable energy source in our own plants, and are an innovative solution to traditional heating fuels.

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