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ImageFor over 60 years, Valley Proteins has set the standard in advanced continuous rendering technology. With our state-of-the-art processing facilities, strict quality control policies and innovative staff of research technologists, Valley Proteins is always on the leading edge in the conversion of animal by-products into value-added feed ingredients and clean energy alternatives. We continually strive to create innovative solutions that enhance our processes, providing our customers with superior products at competitive prices.

Since our inception, Valley Proteins has continually invested in the improvement of our operations. From our facilities, to our trucking fleets, we have invested millions in capital expenditures that have resulted in improved production methods, process control, energy consumption, quality control, and ultimately, better products. Typically, we strive to allocate at least 5% of our sales annually for the improvement of our operations.

Continuous Rendering Processing

Valley Proteins utilizes proven continuous rendering processes throughout all of our plants. Our operations continually feed raw materials through a series of cookers, conveyors and presses that result in a continuous outflow of quality finished product. This process allows us to implement round-the-clock operations, maximizing energy efficiencies with minimal downtime.

Read more about the continuous rendering system utilized by Valley Proteins in this information provided by the National Renderers Association:
Description of a Continuous Rendering System
Continuous Rendering System Flow Chart

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