Used Cooking Oil Terms & Conditions

The Self Declarations listed below are deemed to be signed and are an agreed upon part of a contract with Valley Proteins, Inc. The Self Declarations are deemed valid for all deliveries since January 1, 2013. Customers of Valley Proteins, Inc. are not required to agree in writing. If a customer does not agree to the Self Declarations listed below, he/she must submit a statement of disagreement to Valley Proteins, Inc. within ten days after the agreement date or its execution.


The waste or residue is derived exclusively from biomass in the Biomass Regulation. The waste or residue does NOT originate from Farming, Forestry, Fisheries or Aqua Culture. The material supplied is waste cooking oil made up of vegetable fats and oils that have been used for frying of foods for human consumption and their use has been within the normal range of business protocols. Any contamination with animal oils and fats are not done on purpose. The principals of waste minimization are observed. The expiry date of the waste or residual material was not exceeded. The waste or residual material has not been mixed at any time with other biomass sources. With this self-declaration, the waste origination point acknowledges that inspectors recognized by the BLE may visit its premises accompanied by representatives of Valley Proteins, Inc. to verify at the origin point that the requirements of the 36th BlmSchV and the biofuel sustainability ordinance are met. The relevant right to this inspection is herewith granted. The self-declaration as such or as part of this contract for the supply of waste or residues has validity for the terms of this contract.

Self Declaration

Self Declaration: ISCC EU

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