Your Best Source for Safe, Nutritious, Sustainable Fat and Protein Products

Valley Proteins, LLC. is your best source for high-protein, high-energy feed ingredients that nourish our global food supply. Made from the freshest raw materials, we provide safe, nutritious and sustainable fats and protein meals for quality animal feed and pet foods.

JARS_MED RESAnimal processing and supermarket waste streams, and used restaurant fats, oils and grease (FOG), are collected by Valley Proteins from our valuable raw materials suppliers across the mid-Atlantic, eastern and southwestern regions of the United States. Recycled in our clean facilities, these materials are converted into quality poultry meals, meat meals, feather meal and feed fats – all with optimal balanced nutrient profiles.

Valley Proteins verifies the quality of our feed ingredients daily through our internal Quality Control Program and independent laboratories. Additionally, our feed fats are tested by independent laboratories to substantiate the absence of PCB’s and pesticides, ensuring the health and safety of our global meat supply.