Pet Food Fats and Proteins for Discriminating Consumers

Valley Proteins, LLC. understands that proper pet nutrition is important to pet owners in the selection of their pet foods. That’s why we specialize in developing highly-digestible pet food grade poultry fats and by-products meals that help pet food producers address the unique nutritional requirements of our devoted companions. Made from fresh, recycled animal processing waste streams, our fats and protein meals provide the proper balance of protein, essential fatty acids, amino acids and minerals needed for a pet’s healthy lifestyle.

Pet food manufacturers have also come to rely on Valley Proteins’ poultry fats and protein meals to improve palatability and add an appetizing golden brown color that speaks to the discerning tastes of today’s consumers. At Valley Proteins, we have the capabilities to develop custom wet pet food blends tailored to your needs

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Pet Food Grade Poultry Fat

Developed specifically for use in pet food and aquaculture rations, our premium pet food grade poultry fat is highly digestible and very palatable. It is the lowest titre feed fat available for easier handling and reduced heating problems during processing. Naturally high in essential fatty acids, it offers a free fatty acid maximum of 4%, as well as 8,220 kcal/kg ME.

Pet Food Grade Poultry Fat Technical Data Sheet

62% Pet Food Grade Poultry By-Product Meal

High in protein and low in ash, our premium pet food grade poultry by-product meal is an excellent source of protein in pet food and aquaculture rations. Its fatty acid profile is an ideal solution to the unique nutritional requirements of dogs and cats, and its golden brown color helps make pet foods more appealing.

62% Pet Food Grade Poultry By-Product Meal Technical Data Sheet

65% Chicken By-Product Meal

With 65% protein, our golden brown chicken by-product meal is ideal for pet food and aquaculture feed.  It is highly-digestible and very palatable.

65% Chicken By-Product Meal Technical Data Sheet

62% Chicken Meal

Highly digestible, golden brown and very palatable, our 62% protein chicken meal is a premium-grade ingredient for pet foods and aquaculture rations.

62% Chicken Meal Technical Data Sheet

Wet Pet Food Ingredients

Produced from fresh and frozen surplus beef, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb and fish prepared for human consumption, Valley Proteins blends and processes high-quality pet food grade ingredients for wet pet food manufacturers. Developed in our USDA-inspected Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, facility, our wet pet food ingredients are used in a variety of palatable loaf, chunk and gravy pet food products.