Consistent, Quality Feed Grade Protein Meals in Every Batch

Valley Proteins, LLC. is a leading global supplier of safe, nutritious and sustainable quality poultry by-products meal, meat meal, hydrolyzed feather meal and pet food grade poultry meal to feed and pet food producers worldwide. Produced from only the freshest recycled poultry and animal processing waste streams, our protein meals offer consistency and quality with every batch. Highly digestible and balanced in essential amino acids and minerals, our nutritious protein meal ingredients are an economical alternative to vegetable proteins in feed rations and pet foods.

At Valley Proteins, we have the capabilities to develop custom protein meal blends tailored to your needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your next formulation challenge.

58% Poultry Meal Blend

Highly palatable and consistently balanced in essential amino acids, our poultry and animal blend concentrate contributes to stronger bones and eggshells in healthy poultry.

58% Poultry Meal Blend Technical Data Sheet

58% Poultry By-Product Meal

Pure poultry by-product meal provides a 58% high quality protein. Golden brown in color and highly palatable, it is readily accepted and used widely in feed rations. Research has shown that it is a very reliable and cost-effective substitute for fishmeal in swine starter and aquaculture rations.

58% Poultry By-Product Meal Technical Data Sheet

50% Meat Meal

In addition to its 50% protein profile, our meat meal offers poultry and swine feed producers a maximum of 7.2% calcium and 3% phosphorus profile.

50% Meat Meal Technical Data Sheet

80% Feather Meal

Valley Proteins’ hydrolyzed feather meal is an economical source of protein for most animal diets. As a cost-saving replacement for other protein sources in livestock and aquaculture diets, it is commonly used in feed rations for monogastric and ruminant animals.

80% Feather Meal Technical Data Sheet

80% Poultry Blood Meal

Our poultry blood meal is a dark brown premium grade ingredient of pure poultry origin. Highly digestible, it is typically used in ruminant, non-ruminant and aquaculture rations.

80% Poultry Blood Meal Technical Data Sheet