Serving Poultry Processors and Slaughter Facilities Large and Small

Poultry processors and slaughter facilities alike count on Valley Proteins, LLC. for the safe and efficient recycling of their poultry and animal processing waste streams. Serving facilities large and small, our experienced and professional drivers collect over 5 billion pounds of fat, bone and hides annually from our loyal suppliers throughout the mid-Atlantic, eastern and southwestern regions of the United States. Through the special collection and recycling of these waste streams, Valley Proteins helps to conserve our natural resources and eases what could be a tremendous burden on our landfills.

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Poultry and Meat Recycling Services

Tighter government restrictions, stringent BSE safeguards, strict environmental regulations and the dramatic growth of the U.S. poultry and meat producing industry over the last several decades are all critical factors requiring effective poultry and animal processing waste stream recycling. Valley Proteins is a vital contributor in the safe collection and recycling of these waste streams, and plays an essential role in the preservation of our environment. Our specially-trained drivers, and clean transport vehicles, provide customer-focused solutions for the recycling of chicken, turkey, beef, pork and fish waste used in the production of feed ingredients and biofuels. Experienced and dependable, Valley Proteins schedules service to fit your needs – whenever and wherever you need us.

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