Grease Trap Services for Effective Wastewater Treatment

Federal and state government and environmental regulations for the treatment of wastewater are becoming increasingly stringent. Restaurants and foodservice establishments rely on Valley Proteins, LLC. grease trap pumping services to help them comply with these regulations and avoid costly fines. We partner with our foodservice customers to keep their wastewater clean and free of pollutants, and recycle the trap grease for a healthier environment.

Grease traps keep kitchens running smoothly

Any foodservice establishment that introduces grease or oil into a wastewater system needs a grease trap to remove fats, oil and grease (FOG) and solids from wastewater. Grease traps allow water to exit, while trapping the grease and solids so they do not enter the sewer line.

Grease traps help prevent blockages that can result in sewage overflows, rancid odors and the potential for expensive repairs. But, the traps must remain clean and free of sludge to operate correctly, and the grease trap waste must be disposed of properly. Otherwise, restaurateurs are liable for the damage caused by improper disposal of the waste, and may be subject to penalties and fines for illegal dumping and groundwater contamination.

Valley Proteins offers regularly scheduled preventative maintenance of restaurant grease traps, and efficiently recycles the waste trap grease. To comply with environmental regulations, our cradle-to-grave documentation policies provide a complete history of what happens to your trap grease so you can be assured that its disposal is being handled properly. Our pumping service cleans the traps and properly recycles the waste, documenting every step of the process.

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Grease Trap and Line Jetting Services Literature

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