Preventative Line Jetting Services Reduce Drain Build-Up

To keep foodservice kitchen drain lines flowing properly, Valley Proteins, LLC. provides efficient preventative line jetting maintenance services. Used in conjunction with our essential grease trap pumping services, we professionally line jet drain lines leading from the grease trap back to the kitchen. Our unique line jetting process scours the lines up to 200 feet through the use of high-pressure water, cutting through debris in the lines. Line jetting services eliminate potential problems before they happen, saving downtime and expensive emergency plumbing repairs. Our quarterly line jetting service plan includes a guarantee against all normal build-up. Semi-annual and annual service plans are also available.

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Grease Trap and Line Jetting Services Literature

Grease Trap and Line Jetting Line Card (English)Grease Trap and Line Jetting Line Card (Spanish)Grease Trap and Line Jetting Line Card (Mandarin)

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