Working Together to Stop Grease Theft

Lost revenue due to used grease theft is a serious problem. When grease is stolen from a foodservice location, the restaurant loses the revenue, and so does Valley Proteins, LLC. Together, we can take measures to stop grease theft and protect the safety of foodservice employees.

Used grease has become a valuable resource that is used to produce biofuels. Valley Proteins pays our foodservice customers for their used cooking oil to produce valuable animal feed ingredients and biofuels. As the value for the used grease increases, grease thieves and “pirate” restaurant services companies steal the grease from our outside grease containers.

Valley Proteins works closely with law enforcement agencies to prosecute grease thieves who steal this valuable commodity. We work with federal and state law enforcement agencies to educate them about the grease theft problem and how to identify perpetrators. Astute restaurant employees are also helpful in identifying and reporting grease theft. The information they provide has resulted in numerous arrests and convictions.

Report Grease Theft

If you witness a grease theft in progress, please call 911. If it is safe to do so, please record and report other details including:

  • vehicle license plate number
  • description of the vehicle
  • day and time the theft occurred

After you have notified the authorities, please contact our VP Care team to let us know what you have witnessed:

VP Care Customer Service
Tel: 800-871-3406

Stop Grease Theft Before It Happens

If you are a foodservice establishment, be sure to choose a reputable, licensed grease recycling partner like Valley Proteins. As a trusted leader in grease recycling, we can provide documentation so you know what exactly what happens to your grease after it leaves your establishment.

Our VP Customer Service team is ready to help. Contact us today.

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