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Since 1949, Valley Proteins, LLC. has been a trusted leader in the efficient removal and recycling of used cooking oil (UCO) and waste vegetable oil (WVO) for every kind of foodservice establishment. Backed by our fleet of dedicated, specialized trucks, our team of restaurant service technicians will provide the services you need to properly recycle your used cooking oil. With our years of experience and attention to personal service, we are able to advise you on the best program to meet your needs.

We begin our process by providing each restaurant with an oil recycling system that fits their specific needs. Traditional outdoor containers and worry-free indoor UCO recycling systems are available.

During our regularly-scheduled service visits, we safely collect the waste fryer oil, always in compliance with the most current government laws and regulations. To comply with increasingly stringent state and federal environmental regulations, as well as Food Safety Modernization Act, Valley Proteins’ thorough cradle-to-grave documentation policies provide a complete history of what happens to your grease so you can be assured that it is being handled properly.

Valley Proteins transports the used cooking oil to one of our processing facilities where it is recycled into valuable raw materials used for the production of safe, nutritious and sustainable animal feeds and renewable biofuels.

Learn more about the environmental benefits of rendering:

Rendering is Recycling (pdf)

UCO Recycling Literature

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