Indoor UCO Recycling Systems for Worry-Free Grease Recycling

VP EZ UCO indoor recycling systems by Valley Proteins, LLC. provide restaurants a safe, clean and easy method to handle used cooling oil (UCO) and waste vegetable oil (WVO). The systems can be configured with fryers that have a waste oil management option or fryers that have an oil filtering system.

VP EZ UCO recycling systems allow Valley Proteins to service the storage tank quickly and without interruption to your business. We simply attach the suction hose from our specialized truck to a small, secure outlet pipe located on an exterior wall of your restaurant and directly transfer the oil.

VP EZ UCO recycling systems offer safety, security and convenience

  • Employees do not need to leave the building at night
  • Eliminates dangerous oil spills in parking lots where patrons and employees can slip and fall
  • Reduces theft and vandalism on restaurant property
  • Allows for easy monitoring of oil levels, ensuring timely service calls
  • Pick-up does not require entry into the building
  • Recycling grease is as simple as pushing a button

VP EZ UCO recycling systems can be connected directly to a fryer, or an existing oil transfer system using a wand attachment. Either way, with the simple push of a button, the oil is quickly, and efficiently, pumped into the tank in just a matter of minutes.

Key components of VP EZ UCO recycling systems:

  • Designed to go in existing, remodeled or new stores
  • Configured with direct connection to:
    • fryer models with a waste oil management option or bulk oil disposal option
    • filter machines and/or built-in filtering units, or use of a Valley Proteins caddy
  • Offers simple one-button operation

Tank Options

Our indoor UCO recycling systems are available with Frontline II stainless-steel or poly tanks.

Frontline II tank features:

  • Heavy gauge stainless-steel exterior (sides, bottom and legs)
  • Custom, free-standing unit
  • Stainless-steel tank bottom and legs
  • 6 in. high stainless-steel legs and floor clearance
  • Control panel with power indication or digital reader
  • Level indicators with safety overflow protection
  • UL, UL Sanitation (NSF) Listed (US and Canada)
  • Easy to access and service components
  • Nationwide delivery and installation available

Poly tank features:

  • Made with solid, molded one-piece construction (tank and legs)
  • Designed with modular parts
  • Features a premium roller pump vs. a geared pump
  • Equipped with automatic timer for pump shut off
  • Monitored wirelessly for smooth system operation
  • Generates automated service ticket when tank reaches 85% capacity
  • ETL-certified
  • Food-safe poly construction

Indoor UCO Recycling Systems Literature

VP EZ UCO Recycling System with Frontline II Tank sales sheetVP EZ UCO Recycling System with Poly Tank sales sheet

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