Easy-to-Use Outdoor UCO Recycling Systems

Valley Proteins, LLC. services foodservice establishments – large or small – in the recycling of used vegetable oil (UCO) and waste vegetable oil (WVO). We recover the used oil that has been emptied into our Valley Proteins outdoor storage containers, and recycle it at our facilities.

Grease_ContainerEach restaurant or foodservice customer location is provided with a properly-sized, leak-free container to fit the volume of the store. During our regularly-scheduled service visits, Valley Proteins safely empties the containers, always in compliance with the most current state and federal government laws and regulations. The empty containers are thoroughly inspected for damage, and replaced with a new container, if necessary.

Our containers feature a solid weld with overlapping seams for leak-proof construction. The easy-to-raise lid makes the tank conveniently accessible while the safety barrier construction protects your employees from the dangers of hot grease.

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