Sustainability – the Fundamental Nature of Our Business

As a rendering company, the fundamental nature of Valley Proteins, LLC’s business is recycling and sustainability. We are committed to protecting our environment through the proper recycling of animal processing and supermarket animal waste (fat and bone trimmings), and restaurant used cooking oil (UCO) that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills or municipal wastewater systems.

100% of the animal processing and supermarket waste stream and UCO we collect is recycled at one of our licensed facilities and converted into safe, nutritious, renewable, value-added products. We use these raw materials to produce high-quality animal feed ingredients and renewable biofuels.

The Importance of Rendering

The $6 billion rendering industry1 is an essential step in protecting our environment, and has significant environmental and economic impact on our planet. The sheer volume of the animal processing waste stream and UCO generated each year makes renderers like Valley Proteins a vital link in improving our environment, public health and global economies.

Courtesy of the National Renderers Association

Environmental Benefits of Rendering

The recycling and rendering of animal processing waste streams and UCO provide multiple benefits for the environment and our global neighbors:

  • utilizes what would normally be discarded animal processing waste and UCO as raw materials for a variety of valuable rendered products
  • reduces the amount of landfill space needed for the disposal of these waste streams
  • eliminates the release of excess carbon dioxide (CO2) generated from composted animal waste streams
  • lowers carbon greenhouse gases (GHGs) that contribute to climate change
  • reduces the carbon footprint of companies and the agricultural industry
  • protects our water supply and waterways from contamination
  • recycles organic material and carbon back into the biocycle
  • contributes to the human and animal food chain
  • protects against bacteria and viruses that could pose a public health threat
  • allows for the production and consumption of alternative renewable biofuels that reduce sulfur emissions for a cleaner environment

Economic Benefits of Rendering

Rendering also provides benefits to our domestic and global economies:

  • provides needed raw materials to create valuable animal feed, clean-burning biofuels and a variety of household goods
  • helps feed the world through the production of nutritious animal feed and supplies needed food aid to underdeveloped countries
  • reduces the cost and management needed for municipal solid waste disposal operations
  • eases the damage to sewer lines and water treatment operations due to improper FOG disposal
  • biofuels produced from rendered materials reduce the dependency on foreign oil
  • supports the tax base and infrastructures of communities across the United States
  • offers diverse employment opportunities, particularly in rural areas
  • supports a vast trucking industry
  • increases global trading opportunities and investment partnerships through exportation of rendered products
  • continuous advancements in rendering technology improves efficiencies and worker safety

To learn more about the importance of the rendering industry, please visit the National Renderers Association web site.

1. Issue Briefs; National Renderers Association; June 2015