Setting a Standard of Excellence in Sustainability

As a leading rendering company, Valley Proteins, LLC. is committed to setting a standard of excellence in sustainability through our internal environmental policies, and the continuous improvement of our business practices and facilities. We are a good neighbor in the communities we serve. We continually adhere to environmental practices that meet, and surpass, government requirements, and our production facilities are equipped with the latest technologies for maintaining clean air and water.

Clean Water and Air

ValleyProteins Wadesboro, NCOur state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities recycle over 400 million gallons of water per year — water that would otherwise be drawn from wells, surface waters or municipal water supplies. Our treated wastewater is used to irrigate over 800 acres of hayfields that produce enough hay to make over 100,000,000 square bales each year, enough to feed 250 – 300 cows for a year.

At Valley Proteins, our air pollution systems, odor control devices, steam conservation and water reuse practices, and electrical energy conservation measures are all designed to improve the quality of our air, and conserve water and energy.

Renewable Energy

Our commitment to ongoing research in emerging environmental technologies continually leads us in new directions in energy conservation. This includes the burning of renewable biofuels in our boilers and biodiesel in our truck fleet.

The biofuel we burn in our boilers is a renewable alternative fuel developed from our rendered animal fats. Switching from conventional petroleum-based fuel oils to biofuels saves an average of approximately 100,000 barrels of oil per year while significantly reducing sulfur emissions. Additionally, by using three million gallons of biodiesel fuel blends in our trucks each year, we save over 10,000 barrels of oil annually.